Battles and Skirmishes in the year 1815

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= American Victory   /   = British Victory   /   = Draw   /   (X) = Occupied Without Fight
Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle

January of 1815

8th January, New Orleans, LA
9th- 12th January, Fort St. Philip, MS
13th January, Point Petre, GA
14th January, USS President vs. HMS Endymoin

February of 1815

7th February, Taylor's Island (Ice Mound), MD
8th- 11th February, Mobile, AL
11th February, Fort Bowyer, AL
17th February, US ratifies Treat of Ghent
20th February, USS Constitution vs. HMS Levant & Cyane
24th February, St. Mary's River, FL

March of 1815

11th March, Recapture of HMS Penguin
16th March, U.S. Gunboat 168 vs. HMS Erebus
23rd March, USS Hornet vs. HMS Penguin

April of 1815

May of 1815

24th May, Sink Hole, Fort Howard, WI

June of 1815

30th June, USS Peacock vs. HMS Nautilis
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