Battles and Skirmishes in the year 1813

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Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle

January of 1813

January, British blockade of Chesapeake and Delaware Rivers
17th January, USS Viper captured
18th January, Frenchtown, MI
22nd January, River Raisin, MI

February of 1813

February, British blockade extended between Chesapeake and Delaware Rivers
February, British begin raiding Atlantic Coast
2nd February, U.S. admits West Florida
5th- 10th February, (Paine's) Paynes Town, FL
7th February, Elizabethtown, Upper Canada
8th February, HMS Belvadire & HMS Statira vs. Lottery
10th February, Bolegg's Town, FL
14th February, HMS Belvadie & HMS Statira vs. USS Cora
15th February, (Paine's) Paynes Town, FL
22nd February, Ogdensburg, NY
24th February, USS Hornet vs. HMS Peacock

March of 1813

30th March, Occupation of Odeltown
30th March, La Cole Creek, Upper Canada

April of 1813

1st April, Potomac River, Maryland - British capture USS Dolphin, USS Racer, USS Arab, & USS Lynx
12th- 15th April, Mobile, AL - Capture of Fort Charlotte
15th April, Spanish Fort, AL
27th April, York, Upper Canada
28th April - 9th May, Fort Meigs, Ohio - Battle of Fort Meigs
29th April, Frenchtown, MD

May of 1813

3rd May, Havre de Grace, MD
3rd May, Principio, Maryland
4th May, Georgetown, Maryland
5th May, Frederickstown , MD
13th May, Queenstown, MD
25th- 27th May, Fort George, Upper Canada
29th May, Sacket's Harbor, NY

June of 1813

1st June, USS Chesapeake vs. HMS Shannon
3rd June, USS Growler & Eagle captured
6th June, Stoney Creek, Upper Canada
8th June, Forty Mile Creek, Upper Canada
13th June, USS Surveyor vs. HMS Narcissus
20th June, USS Constellation vs. HMS Barossa & HMS Junon
22nd June, Craney Island, VA
24th June, Beaver Dams, Upper Canada
25th- 26th June, Hampton, VA
June- October, Fort George, Upper Canada

July of 1813

4th July, Fort Schlosser, NY
5th July, US ship vs. HMS Eagle
?? July, Maddox Creek, MD
8th July, Fort George, Upper Canada
8th July, Butler's Farm, Upper Canada
11th July, Black Rock, NY
11th July, Portsmouth, NC
12th- 16th July, Ockacoke, NC
12th- 16th July, Portsmith, NC
12th July, USS Anaconda and USS Atlas captured
21st - 28th July, Fort Meigs, OH
27th July, Burnt Corn, AL
29th July, Burlington Beach, Upper Canada
31st July, Plattsburgh, NY
31st July, York, Upper Canada

August of 1813

2nd August, Fort Stephenson, OH
6th August, Kent Island, MD
7th- 10th August, Lake Ontario, Upper Canada
8th August, Lodwick Ashley Plantation, FL
10th August, USS Julia and USS Prowler captured
13th August, St. Michaels, MD
14th August, USS Argus vs. HMS Pelican
18th August, Frenchtown, MI
18th August, Centreville, MD
22nd August, Frenchtown, MI
24th August, Fort George, Upper Canada
30th August, Fort Mims, AL

September of 1813

3rd September, Fort Madison, AL
5th September, USS Enterprise vs. HMS Boxer
10th September, Lake Erie, OH
11th September, Duck Islands, Upper Canada
28th September, York Bay, Upper Canada

October of 1813

4th October, Chatham, Upper Canada
5th October, The Thames/ Moraviantown, Upper Canada
12th October, Massequoi Village, Lower Canada
26th October, Chateauguay, Lower Canada

November of 1813

November, British blockade extended from NY to Narragansett Bay
1st - 2nd November, French Creek, NY
3rd November, Tallushatchee, AL
6th November, Prescott, Upper Canada
9th November, Talladega, AL
10th November, Chrystler's Farm, Upper Canada
18th November, Hillabee, AL
29th November, Autosse, AL

December of 1813

10th December, Newark, NJ (The Burning of Newark)
10th- 11th December, Niagra and Queenstown/ Fort George, Upper Canada
18th - 19th December, Fort Niagra, NY (Siege of Fort Niagra)
23rd December, Econochaca, AL
25th December, USS Vixen II captured
29th- 30th December, Lewiston/ Tuscarora/ Fort Schlosser, NY
30th December, Black Rock/ Buffalo, NY
1813 - 1814, Creek War
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