Battle of Butler's Farm

July 8, 1813 near Fort George, Upper Canada

American Forces Commanded by
Maj. Gen. Francais Baron De Rottenburg
Strength Killed, Wounded, Missing/Captured
? 28
British Forces Commanded by
Capt. John Norton
Strength Killed Wounded Missing/Captured
? ? 3 ??
Conclusion: Inconclusive

Maj. Gen. Francais Baron De Rottenburg gave orders for a small detachment to make their way to the home of Mr. Cassel Chorus, once there this force was to recover a large quantity of medical supplies. Mr. Chorus's home was located at Two Mile Creek near Fort George, and these supplies had been buried there when the British forces were retreating from the Battle of Fort George.

This British force consisted of some Native warriors, some provincial dragoons and men from the 8th Regiment.
They made their way to the farm without being detected by the enemy pickets, but while they were loading the supplies the Americans appeared. The Indians under the command of Capt. John Norton engaged the American force.

This battle lasted until the afternoon when American reinforcements joined the battle. The reinforcements were men from the 13th U.S. Infantry. This was to much for the small British force and they began to retire. Lt. Eldridge and some 40 U.S. soldiers gave chase and were ambushed by the Indians that had concealed themselves in a ravine.

In a matter of minutes, 28 Americans had been killed or wounded or taken prisoner. Lieutenant Eldridge was killed in this battle. The Indians had three wounded.

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