Battles and Skirmishes in the year 1811 and 1812

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Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle

Year of 1811

16th May, USS President vs HMS LittleBelt
7th November, Tippecanoe, IN Terr.
See Also Tecumseh's War of 1811

March of 1812

17th March, Fernandina , FL
26th March- 9th August, St. Augustine, FL

April of 1812

12th April, (Old) Fort Mose, FL

May of 1812

15th May, US gunboat vs. HMS Fernando, FL
16th May, (Old) Fort Mose, FL

June of 1812

4th, US House votes for War
18th, US declares War
23rd, USS President and USS Congress vs. HMS Belvidera
June - July, Baltimore Riots, MD

July of 1812

2nd, Cuyahoga Packet captured
4th, Lachine (Riot), Lower Canada
12th, Occupation of Sandwich, Upper Canada
15th, Aux Canards River, MI
16th, Carnard Bridge, Upper Canada
17th, Fort Michilimakinac/Mackinac, IN
17th, USS Nautilus captured
29th, Sacket's Harbor, NY
31st, USS Julia vs. 2 British ships, Ogdensburg, NY

August of 1812

4th August, Brownstown, MI
9th August, Maguaga, MI
9th August, St. Augustine, FL
13th August, USS Essex vs. HMS Alert
15th August, Fort Dearborn, IL
15th August, Fort Stallings, FL
16th August, Detroit, MI
19th August, USS Constitution vs. HMS Guerriere
20th August- 8th September, Dearborn-Provost Armistice

September of 1812

Indians 3rd September, Pigeon Roost, IN
4th - 5th September, Fort Harrison, IN
5th- 9th September, Fort Madison, MO
5th - 12th September, Fort Wayne, OH
9th September, Picolatti, FL
12th September, Twelve Mile Swamp, FL
15th September, Copus, ??
16th September, Prescott, Upper Canada
21st September, Gananoque, Upper Canada
27th September - 4th October, Ft. Newnan, FL

October of 1812

October, British begins Atlantic Coast Blockade
1st, Fort Erie, OH
1st - 31st October, Pimartam's Town, IL
4th, Ogdensburg, NY
9th, HMS Caleclonia captured
9th, HMS Detroit burned
9th, Fort Erie, Canada
13th, Queenstown Heights, Upper Canada
13th, Black Rock, NY
18th, USS Wasp vs. HMS Frolic
18th, USS Wasp captured
25th, USS United States vs. HMS Macedonian

November of 1812

9th November, Kingston, Upper Canada
20th November, Lacolle Mills, Upper Canada
21st November, Fort Niagara, NY
22nd November, USS Vixen vs. HMS Southampton
22nd November, Prophetstown, Indiana Territory
23nd November, French Mills, New York
27th November, Black Rock, NY
28th November, Red House/ Frenchman's Creek, Upper Canada
28th November, Provisional Agreement of Exchange of Naval P.O.W.'s

December of 1812

8th December, HMS Caledonia captured
17th- 18th December, Mississenewa, IN
29th December, USS Constitution vs. HMS Java
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