Battles and Skirmishes in the year 1814

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= American Victory   /   = British Victory   /   = Draw   /   (X) = Occupied Without Fight
Bold - without link or (X) means an notable event occured and not a battle

January of 1814

16th- 24th, Franklin County, NY
22nd - 24th, Emuckfau Creek/ Enitachopco Creek, AL (Creek War)
27th, Calbee Creek, ??
27th, Camp Defiance, AL

February of 1814

14th February, HMS Pictou captured

March of 1814

4th March, Longwood, Upper Canada
7th March, Longwood, MI
27th March, Horseshoe Bend, AL
28th March, USS Essex & Essex, Jr. vs. HMS Phoebe & Cherub
30th March, Lacolle Mill, Upper Canada

April of 1814

9th April, Treaty of Fort Jackson signed
16th April, Washington D.C. (Prisoner-Exchange Convention)
20th April, USS Frolic captured
29th April, USS Peacock vs. HMS Epervier

May of 1814

May, British blockade extended to New England
14th May, Fort Oswego, NY
14th - 15th May, Port Dover, Upper Canada
29th - 30th May, Sandy Creek, NY
30th May, Port Dover, Upper Canada

June of 1814

June- August, Patuxent River, MD
1st June, Cedar Point (Chesapeake Bay), MD
2nd June, Prairie de Chien, IL
8th- 10th June, St. Leonard's Creek (1st), MD
16th June, Hall's Creek, MD
20th June, Benedict, MD
22nd June, USS Rattlesnake captured
26th June, St. Leonard, Maryland (Breakout at St. Leonard's Creek)
28th June, USS Wasp vs. HMS Reindeer
28th June, Sandy Creek, NY
28th June, Odelltown, Lower Canada

July of 1814

3rd July, Prairie de Chien, IL
3rd July, Fort Erie, Upper Canada
5th July, Chippawa, Upper Canada
11th- 12th July, Eastport, ME
12th July, USS Syren captured
16th July, Sturgeon's Creek (Point au Playe), Upper Canada
17th- 20th July, Fort Shelby, ??
18th July, St. Leonard, Maryland (X)
18th July, Fort Sullivan, ME
18th July, St. David's, NY
18th- 19th July, Champlain Village, NY
20th July, Prairie du Chien , WI
20th July, on the Noniny River, Maryland
21st July, Campbell Island/ Rock Island, NY
22nd July, Indian Treaty signed (X)
25th July, Lundy's Lane, Upper Canada
26th July, Fort Macinac, MI

August of 1814

?? August, Indian Head, MD
2nd - 3rd August, Conjocto Creek, NY
4th August - 5th November, Fort Erie, Upper Canada
7th August, Queenstown, MD
9th - 12th August, Stonington, CT
9th August, Treaty of Fort Jackson
10th August, St. Michaels, MD
12th August, USS Somers & Ohio captured
12th August, Wareham, Massachusetts
14th August, HMS Nancy destroyed
20th August, Benedict, Maryland (X)
21st August, Nottingham, Maryland (X)
21st August, Nottingham, MD
22nd August, Pig Point, MD
24th August, Bladensburg, Maryland
25th August, Washington, DC
27th August, Fort Washington, MD (Destruction of Fort Washington)
27th August, Bellair (Moor's field), MD
28th August, Alexandria, VA (X)
30th August, Caulk's Field, MD
31st August, Castine, ME

September of 1814

1st September, Castine & Belfast, ME
1st September, USS Wasp vs. HMS Avon
3th September, USS Tigress and USS Scorpion captured
3rd September, Hampden, ME
3rd September, Nottawasaga, MI
4th - 6th September, White House, VA
5th September, Bangor, ME
5th September, Rock River, IL
5th- 6th, September, Rock Island Rapids, ??
10th- 11th September, Machias, ??
11th September, Plattsburg, NY
11th September, Lake Champlain, ??
12th September, North Point, MD
12th September, Godley Wood, ??
12th- 14th September, Baltimore/ Fort McHenry, MD
15th September, Fort Bowyer, AL

October of 1814

15th October, Chippawa, Upper Canada
19th October, Cook's Mill, Upper Canada

November of 1814

3rd November, Tallushatchee, AL
5th November, Fort Erie, Upper Canada (Burning of Fort Erie)
6th November, Malcolm's Mills, Upper Canada
7th- 9th November, Pensacola, FL
9th November, Talladega, AL

December of 1814

1st December, Tappahannock, Maryland
13th- 14th December, Lake Borgne, LA
15th December, USS President captured
23rd- 28th December, Villere Plantation, LA
24th December, Treaty of Ghent
28th December, Rodriquez Canal, Louisiana
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